After a spectacular 40th anniversary in 2018, Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras is back this year with a fearlessly fabulous program of celebration and diversity. This year’s theme of ‘fearlessness’ aims to reflect on LGBTQI activism of the past whilst acknowledging those who courageously express themselves today.

Mardi Gras Arts CEO Terese Casu adds: ‘Being fearless is more than making a lot of noise, it’s also about acknowledging a person’s own vulnerability, and being able to express who they are, even if it’s not bold.’

The festival kicks off on February 15th with over 100 events and 400 artists scheduled over 17 days, culminating with the annual parade on March 2nd. The Seymour Centre will be transformed into Mardi Gras Central, a festival hub set to host an array of events from burlesque through to cabaret, as well as nightly parties as the official post-show venue for Mardi Gras events.

Among the headliners will be Club Briefs, a ‘trash glamour disco circus’ featuring dance and burlesque performances from cabaret hooligans and mischief makers handpicked from around the queer globe. The inaugural Bent Burlesque is another not to miss, featuring the crème de le crème of queer burlesque artists from New York to Venice, including winning queen of queer cabaret Yana Alana.

You can look forward to the return of longstanding favourites like the Sissy Ball where you can vogue battle it out on the runway for titles in fashion and flair. Mardi Gras Fair Day returns with a feast of food trucks, picnics, dancing, community stalls and performances at Victoria Park. The Ivy Pool Party is back on the 25th of Feb, while the Strictly Kaftan Party will also grace this poolside venue with a dress code of glamorous poolside couture.

New events to look out for are Cake Daddy, an interactive cabaret banquet while you witness one queer man’s experience of fatness in a fat-phobic world. Meanwhile, Queer Thinking will bring together a program of talks covering topics like Safe Schools, what it means to be non-binary and the experiences of queer Iraqis.

This annual exploration and celebration of diversity, equality, sexuality and vulnerability will all come to a rise in a glittering explosion of pride during the parade in the heart of Sydney’s LGBTQI district on March 2nd. The team at Darlinghurst Fine Wines are all looking forward to celebrating with the community for another exciting parade day this year – the one day in the calendar where our shop feels more like a dance party than a hard day’s work!

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